philosophy & vision.

In the creation of the company, the name was obviously debated at length and over a few beers! And whilst industry related names were thrown in to the mix none really stuck and fit with what the founders were dreaming of creating.


Black Lab Design is about more than an industrial design and engineering house, it’s about building a culture and delivering value beyond just the finished product to our customers.

We wanted to communicate our personality and vision, that of building an environment of open collaboration and friendship between our own team and that of our clients and partners where we share knowledge, ideas and successes.

The Lab comes from the vision of education, research and innovation that we are building and the Black Lab’s are a reflection of our founders shared love of Black Labradors. We have our very own live brand mascot in Billy, THE Black Lab of Black Lab Design!

We have a collection of Black Lab clad legends who have joined forces with the founders to create the formidable crack team of talent that powers Black Lab Design.

The Black Lab definition of a team…

“a group of people working together cohesively, towards a common goal, creating a positive working atmosphere, and supporting each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance.”

meet the team.

Daen Simmat

CEO & Co-founder

Paul Morris

Non-Executive Director & Co-founder

Perry Swavley

Sales & Design Team Leader

Production Foreman

Corrine Rositano

Office Manager / Executive Assistant / HR

Evandro Weber

Production Manager

Lesley Keiller

Sales professional / Business Acquisition

Kelly Tolliday

Finance Manager

Factory Supervisor / Welding

Production Foreman

Mazhar Awan

Mechanical Engineer

Thomas Collins

Senior Production Assistant

Brosnan Perera

Production Assistant