About Us

Founded in 2013 Black Lab Design is the brainchild of CEO Daen Simmat. Immediately prior to conceptualising Black Lab Design, Daen was running his own consultancy designing and project managing the manufacture of solutions including proof of concept inventions.

Through these projects Daen found he was struggling to find consistent and reliable providers for sheet metal fabrication particularly one who would help him understand the production process and machinery capability to enable him to design most effectively and knowledgeably to deliver his client a timely and cost effective solution.

It’s during this time that the idea for Black Lab Design was born to address the “missing links” in the industry and envisaged providing a seamless service where designers and manufacturing truly come together. Not one to be afraid of or put off by a monumental challenge Daen, and his business partner Paul Morris, set out to disrupt and improve the industry norms and utilise the medium of technology to help them to do this.

In the initial start up phase and for the first two and half years they were joined by Mike Faber, an experienced fabricator and production manager. Mike's skills were instrumental in getting the metal fabrication workshop set up and our production systems and team running well. Mike is still a great friend and sometime contractor to Black Lab Design with his own consulting venture. 

Paul has over 40 years in industry with a deep background in manufacturing backed the vision and goals of Black Lab. He’s a non-executive Director and adds his valuable insights to support the direction and growth of the business on a weekly basis.

Whilst we always operate as part of a wider team of clients and partners, the in-house regulars are profiled on our Team page