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3D printed bridge unveiled in Amsterdam & future proofing the jobs market in Australia

Caroline Raper - Friday, October 26, 2018

This week In the News........3D metal printed bridge is unveiled in Amsterdam

  • A 3D printed metal bridge unveiled in Amsterdam is courting mixed reviews........
  • How do we future proof the jobs market in the post Industry 4.0 world......
  • Trumpf announce Automation and AI as the key to boosting productivity at EuroBLECH 2018......


A brand new 3D printed bridge was unveiled at Dutch Design Week by MX3D this week.  3 years in concept and construction stages the bridge is due to be installed in Amsterdam next year, what do you think…..?  We’ve been tracking the development and we're super impressed with the achievement!


How Can We FUTURE PRoof the workforce? 

The National Future Work Summit is happening in Sydney next week, set to arm corporates, business owners and government with insights and innovations to plan for the skills and roles required following the latest industrial revolution.  The Committee for Economic Development has estimated 5 million Australian jobs will be affected by automation by 2030.  Keynote speaker Amit Singh of Uber fame will share his views and predictions of what the future post Industry 4.0 will bring to the jobs market. Source: Manufacturer's Monthly










At EuroBLECH 2018 our partner Trumpf focussed their message on the future of manufacturing being about automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) as the solutions to boost productivity, unveiling it’s “digitally connected” suite of products


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