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The Pros & Cons of Chinese Manufacturing

Caroline Raper - Friday, November 09, 2018

This week In the News, some of our favourite topics.....

  • Where to manufacture - Domestically or in China or both?
  • The next generation of manufacturers, is this model worth replication?
  • Camping and BBQing - two of our favourite things!

THe Pros and CONS OF ManufactURING IN China

So many of our contacts and clients use a multi-faceted supply chain with China involved in at least one element of their production for parts or whole products, so we hear a lot of the challenges and are involved in helping to provide solutions when things go wrong or as part of the whole process to complement the production lifecycle. 

This article delves deeper into the pros and cons that we hear on a daily basis and we explore some options to address these. Source: Black Lab Design



We love this article profiling K4 Machining in Connecticut, a next generation family manufacturing business where the parents have paved the way for the millennials to take over, a great read and watch - what an awesome vision and inspiring family!  Source:

K4 Machining


Just arrived from the US this week on Daen's desk, the GoBQ.  With so many of our team avid campers and off roaders as well as BBQ lovers, this is not only nirvana from those perspectives it's also an awesome example of product design and innovation, lightweight and folds up into an easy to carry backpack, it also claims the title of the world’s first and only portable grill made from fire/heat resistant fabric.


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