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How to survive the festive season!

Caroline Raper - Friday, November 30, 2018

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We kicked off our festive season with our Client Year Ender party last night - thank you all who came to join us.  There are some with a sore head or two (mainly around our office) andwe thought we’d share some top tips for surviving the festive season, both personally and professionally!!  And mostly tongue in cheek of course!

Whether you are like Buddy from Elf or a bit of a Grinch, you can’t get away from the effect that the run up to Christmas has on everyone, the many work events, your own personal commitments and then there’s the people that call on the 20th December and want to order something to arrive before Christmas - do you cry, scream or laugh at them?!!  


Here’s a collection of our own and the best Google has to offer of the sensible and a some fun festive season survival tips!

  1. Don’t say yes to every invitation no matter how fun they all seem at the time, you’ll be too busy to shop and then too exhausted to cope with the family Christmas especially when you bought all the gifts in a panic on Christmas Eve and no-one is impressed with them!
  2. Eat before you start drinking, you and your body (and head) will thank you for it the next morning!!!
  3. Make a list to keep yourself organised, for present buying and work and you know…check it twice!
  4. dog snowmanDon't forget about your pets at Christmas. Dress them up in costumes - the more ridiculous the better. It’s an investment worth the giggle.  Our current favourite....
  5. Find the best “Christmas Street” in your area and go visit if you feel you need to boost your festive cheer
  6. Visit Santa, even if you don’t have your own kids as an excuse, there are some great Santa’s grottos and the Myer Gift Emporium floor is always worth a visit, there literally is something for everyone!
  7. Make a note of your computer and other passwords before you go off for the Xmas shutdown so you don’t spend half an hour (or more) when you get back in January trying to remember or resetting them!!
  8. When that client calls you or your manager tells you an order is needed before you leave on the 21st or 24th December, remember the person at the other end of the deal who has been forced into the deadline and think of it as a Christmas gift to them!
  9. Give yourself an early Christmas present which will last into the New Year by decluttering your desk / work area (and maybe your colleagues will do the same) the gift that keeps on giving!
  10. Enjoy, the time off, the time with friends, family and your colleagues at festive events.
  11. And try not to stress, remember everyone is in the same boat and it’s supposed to be the most magical time of the year!
And finally...... pay it forward....Charles-M.-Schulz

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