Clients and Projects

We love working with companies and individuals who are passionate about their art, craft, industry and services and who also share similar values to us. Our purpose at Black Lab is to make a positive difference to our clients and their clients. We can do that best when we collaborate and partner with others who share the same purpose and vision.
There’s no exact science to it, but we recognise each other when we connect whether in person, online or on the phone. So, don’t be shy, contact us if you think we might work well together!
We love the variety of projects we are able to get involved in from point of sale displays for new product launches or relaunch of existing brands and lines to decorative screens, artistic sculptures, large construction project and wildlife exhibits in national parks, never assume, give us a call to see if we can help, and if we can’t directly it's likely we'll know someone who can.
We want to help you create amazing solutions – view our Gallery and Case Study pages for more examples.