Fabrication Lab

Sheet Metal Fabrication from the Metal Origami Masters  

Our Production team and facility have been set up to support our design projects metal cutting and shaping needs so we can deliver great quality and service to our clients.   Once we understand the requirements the Design team program the off-floor CAD system and brief the Fab team to manufacture the metal components of a project.  We use our expertise and state of the art machinery to provide the most cost effective and timely solution.  

We can laser cut, bend and also debur your jobs on site.  Our team of experienced fabricators and access to the latest industry technology enable us to offer great service and turn around times.  

Bendingin Action  team operating the laser 

Have a brief for us?

Or call us on 1300 852580 and select 1 for Sales to discuss the details or arrange to stop in to chat with one of our team.

We can cut and prepare over 150 different metal variations and have partners we know and trust in the plastics, acrylics, wood and print sectors, we love to get our hands on multi-material projects…..  

We can work with a variety of thicknesses, have welding capability on site as well as a deburring linishing machine. We can offer these services collectively or standalone. 

To see the talents of our team in action watch the Origami challenge below and check out our Movie Collection




Everything You Need To know About Sheet Metal Manufacturing At Black Lab Design