Technology, Materials & Machinery


We are passionate about and committed to investing in and utilising best in class technology and machinery.  We use a range of programmable machinery and technology platforms to ensure that quality and consistent results are achieved for clients requirements.

All of our projects are 3D modelled which are then design intent, off-floor programmed which ensures we have no single point sensitivity in our production chain. It also enables us to avoid unnecessary errors which can occur in on-floor programming. Our production management system also allocates part reference numbers to all items to enable us to re-produce identical parts as required in the future. This provides a huge cost and time saving.

We design and program using Trutops and model in Solidworks. Our portfolio of cutting, bending and finishing machines include:


  • Trumpf Trulaser

    Trumpf Trulaser
  • Trumpf Trubend

    Trumpf Trubend
  • CNC milling

    CNC milling
  • Deburring


We are committed to continually invest in the most effective technology to ensure our clients receive the very best quality advice, service and final products at the most cost effective rate – every time.


We can cut and prepare over 150 different metal variations, below is an overview of the types of metal however if something is not on the list don’t let it deter you, we love to get our hands on multi-material projects….. 

  • Steel

  • Copper

  • Brass

  • Aluminium


We can cut a variety of thicknesses, have welding capability on site and also partner with plastic injection moulding, acrylics and wood, rapid processing and other specialists in their field to offer our clients the best solution.


We have an in-house powder-coating facility - Black Lab Coat co-located with our design and production teams.  This enables us to manage lead times and quality on behalf of our clients.  Our other partners in finishing have been carefully selected to ensure the same level of reliability and service.  

  • Wet spray

    Wet spray
  • Powder coating

    Powder coating
  • Electro plated

    Electro plated
  • Media / sand blasting

    Media - sand blasting
  • Anodising

  • Galvanising

  • Polishing